Service and Expertise

Positioning and Media Counselling

An organisation that is properly understood will gain more recognition. How your organisation is perceived will affect the value of your business.

Lilleby Frisch assists our clients in messaging, media handling, and long-term positioning. We assist in the development and implementation of communication strategies, to attract the attention of key target groups and stakeholders.

Case Examples
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of a communication strategy for a Nordic growth company within the construction sector.
  • Positioned top management of a financial institution as the preferred expert media commentators within their business areas.
  • Positioned a Norwegian hairdressing chain as a major disrupter within Nordic retail.

Public Affairs

Organisations are dependent on being heard and understood by political authorities, civil servants, and interest groups.

Lilleby Frisch advises clients on how to navigate political processes. We identify the key decision makers and guide our clients through the process to ensure that their message reaches the right people at the right time with the correct documentation.

Case Examples
  • Facilitated dialogue with political leadership and civil servants at the Ministry of Health and Care Services, as well as members of the Norwegian parliament, on behalf of Norwegian company which wanted to change policies and framework affecting their business.
  • Engaged with local politicians, local media, and the local community on behalf of a private industrial company which wanted to establish a business in a rural municipality in Norway.
  • Facilitated dialogue with business organisations, labour unions, media and politicians on behalf of a company that wanted to introduce a tax-deduction policy for their services.
  • Positioned the CEO of a Nordic IT-company, among other things through participation in the public debate.

Crisis Communication and Emergency Planning

When the unforeseen and unexpected occur, well-run organisations have effective emergency plans in place and have trained their emergency response team as well as the rest of their organisation.

Lilleby Frisch assists clients in developing and revising their emergency response plans as well as preparing and executing emergency exercises. We also have substantial experience in supporting management when a crisis occurs.

Case Examples
  • Developed an emergency response plan for a Nordic industrial group.
  • Planned and executed emergency training for the management of an international oil service company.
  • Organised and held an introductory course on crisis- and media management for leaders in the private sector for a business organisation.

IR and Financial Communication

Investor activities, negotiations, acquisitions, IPOs, litigation, proxy fights and tender processes always require precise communication.

Lilleby Frisch assists clients in conveying relevant and precise information to the capital markets and other stakeholders. Our advisors have experience from working at financial institutions and are therefore able to assist clients such as banks, asset managers, hedge funds, corporate and investment firms and private equity.

Case Examples
  • Assisted a listed company in consistent and compliant reporting to the capital markets.
  • Negotiation support during a conflict between shareholders, regarding the sale of a Nordic retail company.
  • Negotiation support, collection and analysis of information and media management for one of the parties in a conflict between shareholders in a publicly listed company.
  • Prepared and executed the communication strategy, both external and internal, before, during and after a major reorganisation of a financial institution.
  • Identified stakeholders, collected and analysed information and handled media management for a creditor during a substantial bankruptcy.

Analysis and Insight

Businesses that base their communication on documented facts are better placed to influence decisions.

Lilleby Frisch assists clients by collecting and analysing information that improves decision making. Knowing your opponent and other key stakeholders involved is crucial when working with business critical issues.

Case Examples
  • Collected and analysed information related to a significant procurement process for technological services within the defence industry.
  • Analysed the risk of a potential change in the political landscape for an international company considering entering the Norwegian market.
  • Performed budget analysis which led to an official report which again described necessary changes to the current tax legislation.